The invitation to be a MeLand teacher goes especially to you.
 Why would you be an excellent MeLand teacher?

You are just past the age of being a child. The age difference 
is small. Your insight on how it feels to be a child is the best.

You will find it to be a delightful experience to choose a
 MePal and explore the possibilities and feelings that appear
 when you live in MeLand.

The two of you, you and your MePal, can decide the values
 you wish to seek and acquire those values. You will never be alone. You will always care and share with your MePal.

You and your MePal are next in line to be adults. You will 
inherit a peaceful world because you make it so.

Question: How can you accomplish a peaceful world?

Answer: You are the light of the world. Kirlian Photography 
shows you are light. For generation after generation people
 have attempted to solve world problems with war but the 
light that you are is more powerful than guns. You and your 
MePal can join other teens with MePals to mobilize forces
 for Peace.

Will you please help children, adults,
seniors, mothers, fathers and grandparents
live in Peace and Harmony?

May you, a teen of our world, and your MePal
be richly blessed.

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