MeLand is a Way to Peace

MeLand, Land of Love,Eva Thayer

is A Playground

For World Peace

Jayne Morgan-Kidd,
Peter Carey, and
Eva co-created
MeLand Music.

Eva Thayer wrote the words and melodies for 74 songs, raps and rounds. 

Jayne Morgan Kidd wrote the words and melodies to 3 of them and added accompaniment to all 77 of them..

Peter Carey arranged, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered the 3 CDís.

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Peter wrote
about MeLand.

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Ready? Let's go...

tree with hearts we are in MeLand.

See the MeWe Tree...
As the branches are connected to the trunk, so we, the Me's of our community, are connected to our Creator.
MeLand is the place where everyone has a positive self image, is happy, always responsible and forgiving.

In MeLand We Sing to Learn and We Learn to Sing.
In MeLand We Learn to Play and We Play to Learn.

In MeLand we play with the word Kingdom.  Each person lives in his or her kingdom. People who live in kingdoms are kings and queens.
They sit on thrones and wear crowns.
Note:  Even a snowflake has a kingdom.
Click here to see a snowflake. 
Notice that the person in charge of it sits on a throne.

In MeLand:
We love ourselves and one another.
We honor every Me.
We have integrity.
We manifest our intentions.

In MeLand we giggle. MeLand is full of Happy Me's.
In MeLand we delight in playing with the word Me ... our common name...

In MeLand we experience miracles.
Click here to Experience a miracle

In MeLand everyone remembers that: Just as roots are One with the tree so We are One with our separation.  It is the same with the Core of an apple.  The core is One with the apple.

In MeLand we are aware We do everything with the invisible functioning part of us which is our Creator.  We live with two Meís Creator me and Human Me. Examples: We eat with Me...sleep with Me...walk and talk with Me. At all times, in all places, Creator Me is an intimate companion with Human Me.

Creator Me created us...sustains us and guides us when we listen.  We have the ability to continuously carry on a two way conversation with Creator.  Hearing words from our Creator is called intuition or insight.


Below is a Summary of This Website
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The title is "Explore MeLand."

Every click-on is an adventure. Please explore MeLand.

To find how to teach the lessons, click here to get to the MeLand wheel. Scroll up and down.

Faces of the people of the world are pictured in Eva's
"More We Than We" book, click here to see them.

The MeLand Motto:
"Love That I Am Fills Me With Joy"

Song: "The Joy of Being Me" CD1 #7

The MeLand Slogan:
"It Feels So Good to Be Me"

Song: It Feels So Good to Be Me CD2 #8

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