by EvaThayer

 Meland music sets the stage for loving oneself, being happy and growing in every aspect of life.    It is imperative to sing the music.  That is the only way to bring the messages that are in the songs full blast into daily experiences. 
   A specific way to learn the words is the popular side by side learning technique.  It involves two people (MePals).  Print the lyrics from this MeLand Website. There are 77 songs, raps and rounds on 3 CD’s.

  Just tackle one CD at a time… song at a time!   Sit with your MePal, (MeLand language) listen to the music and follow the words as you sing along.  The interaction between the two of you can be fun and is important.  Continue to do this until both of you can sing the lyrics without looking at the words. 

     In the future you MePals can exclaim:  Wow!  We did it.  Hurray for us!  We learned the words!  Now we have the ability to sing the songs wherever we are….any place at any time.  Now we can apply the messages the songs teach us as we are having daily experiences!