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 Celebrate MeLand with the MeLand CD songbook

You can order the MeLand Songbook
with lyrics and music (for CD 1 songs)
and send payment by PayPal.

Toby Johnson, webmaster for MeLand, is

handling payments.

Be sure to give Paypal the address you want

the book sent to.

There is no shipping or sales tax cost to you.
For $10.00 per book you receive scores for 22 songs, raps and rounds.
You have my permission to copy any page from the song book.  In addition, you have my permission to make as many copies as you wish of any page.
You can use the copies you make to:
   1.  Play an instrument or arrange for orchestra performance of MeLand Music.
   2. Sing as a single person or as a Choir.
   3. Copy the Do It pages in the book for one person or for an entire classroom. 
   4. Parents: invite your children's friends into your home, have fun making Do It notebooks. Copy as many pages as you need from one song book.
   5. T
o find more Do It pages, Click on the wheel on the website home page.

If you purchase 10 copies or more, you can have them for $5.00 each (shipping included).

Please don't use this link if you are ordering fewer than 10.

FREE!  Download 3 CD’s of MeLand Music.  Enjoy music of the Land of Love.
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FREE!   Use the Lesson for each Song, Rap or Round
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