Written by Eva Thayer


Googles lists 10,700,000 light workers and I am one of them.  Our goal is to internalize the presence of our Creator into the awareness of anyone who is not already aware.  

It’s a delight to play with Me.  Of course there is only one Me within each one of us and that Me is our Creator.   But it takes two Me’s to communicate. 

For 23 years I have not only been communicating with my Creator, I have taught children (in schools and out of schools) to communicate with their Creator.   

I became acquainted with Pegi Joy Jenkins because she wrote four excellent children’s books.  In the year 2002 she sent me a book written by Lou Austin.  To my surprise Lou had the idea of teaching children to internalize their Creator in the very same way I do.  The title of Lou’s book is Little Me – Greater Me.   He copyrighted it in 1957.  It is amazing that 100,000 copies were sold and it was published in 7 languages.  I wonder if I published a book titled Big Me – Little Me how many copies would be sold.       

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