Dear You from Me...


Will you help bring peace to individuals and the world the
 MeLand Way?

Live in MeLand, the Land of Love. Bring your children and
 your entire family with you to MeLand.

Include the word MeLand in your everyday vocabulary. Talk
 MeLand Language. See the MeLand dictionary that is on my 

Sing, dance, rap, beat time and recite affirmations with 
MeLand Music. You can download three CD's of music from my
 webpage for free

Present and use MeLand Music and Concepts in your homes,
 schools, day care centers, hospitals, churches, children's
 shelters, camps, in your cars, and at far away places when
 you go vacationing.

Spread the MeLand Concept far and wide by forming MeLand 
Communities. Fly the MeLand flag, The flag is pictured on 
both my web sites: and

Encourage teens to be MePals to children. Teens and children
 are next in line to inherit world conditions. They can know
 that light is more powerful than guns and they can be light
workers. Love is light and light is Love.
MeLand is the land
 of Love.

Be a Happy Me in all places at all times.

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