Eva Thayer
Introducing Eva

Toby Johnson
Toby was Eva's "webmaster" and helper with MeLand.bz
for about the last four years of her life.
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Eva Thayer passed away at age 98 on May 22, 2013.
The MeLand Music--and this website--were dear to her;
they represent her message to the world:
that we should all love our lives, love being who we are,
and celebrate our being alive with all those in our lives.

She was a piano teacher and a school teacher. 
She says, “It is delightful to be the mother of 4,
    grandmother of 11 and great grandmother of 10.
Originally from Ohio, she's been living in San Antonio
   now since the mid 1980s.

She had a life-changing experience at age 50.
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From that experience, she's developed a meditation book,
titled More We Than Me, and a series of songs and dances
     (accompanied by a workbook)
that teach children what they need to know.

More We Than Me is primarily graphic design,
it takes only about ten minutes to read it
   but it takes a lifetime to live it. 

Me is a FUN word for Eva.  She says that playing
   with the word Me began
when she was selecting
   a title for her book, More We Than Me

At her local library she happened to see a big book
     on the counter between two bookends. 

All she could read of the title was the word “Me”. 
At that moment she felt a special kind of joy for the word Me.
    That feeling has never left her.

Eva continues:  A short time after I published
More We Than Me I was inspired to write: 
I am your Inner Self.
I am the “I” of you, the “Me” of you.
I am Love.  You are Love..
My Love is your Love.’
Believe it is so and it is so.
Because I yearn for you to talk with “Me,”
and for you to listen to “Me,” Eva wrote
More We Than Me.



Eva autographed her book 12 times
at B Dalton Bookstores in Ohio and Texas.

Download More We Than Me
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Eva drew 204 MeLand People for her book, More We Than Me. 
When you download her book, you download the MeLand People.  
Click to see the people.

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about MeLand Music

It's fun and easy to learn when you sing songs,
dance and beat rhythms.

  MeLand, Land of Love, music teaches us to love ourselves
and to be happy – responsible people in a world of people.   

 Eva invites you to live in MeLand, the Land of Love. 

Download the MeLand Music
(clicking on this link will immediately download a 156 MB zipped folder
with all 3 CDs, suitable for playing with iTunes or burning to a CD disk)

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