CD2  #8
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  It Feels So Good To Be ME

Verse 1:  It feels so good to be ME.  I am loving energy. 
The love that I radiate fills my days with laughter and joy. 
I know what the day will bring as I laugh and dance and sing. 
For it’s very clear to see there is joy in being ME.

Chorus: It feels so good to be ME in MeLand ‘cause I know who I am when I’m in MeLand.
 I’m always where I belong.   I am singing my song. 
No matter where I go, I know the wonder of life and the joy of being ME.

Verse 2:   It’s not a mystery to ME that I live in harmony. 
I am connected to ME, the ME I know that I am.   It’s very real to ME how I feel. 
The minutes - hours come and go.  As we laugh and dance and play, happiness is ours today.


Verse 3:   I am love and love is fun.  I am grateful for the Sun. 
The Sun that gives our world light makes all our days bright.  Hear the joy bells ringing, ding-a-ling. 
See the birds fly, hear them sing. 
Nature’s beauty all around I adore forevermore.  

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