Hi!  My name is Eva Thayer and I have a special name for you.  It is dandy and it came from the dictionary.  The definition for dandy is “First rate”.... “Very good”. 
That’s what you are..... First rate .... Very good.  
It came to me right out of the blue to change the word dandy into names.  If you are a boy you are Dan.  If you are a girl you are Dee.  Since I do not know if you are a boy or a girl, you are DanDee.
Isn’t that clever?  YES!
Please remember when you read the word DanDee that you are special!  You are very good!  You are first rate! 
Now let’s begin again.......
Dear DanDee:  You have two names that you call yourself.  One is the word you were given when you were born.  Write it on this line____________________________.  The other is the same word that everyone uses.  It is our common name.  Will you please write that name on this line? ____________.
The word I was asking you to write, our common name, is Me.  
It’s a fun word!  You can play with it. 
How can you play with it? 
Turn the M upside down. Write what happens: __________.
Add Me + Me.   Write what happens _______________.  
Add Land to Me. Write what happens________________.
Answers for the lines:
When you turn M upside down the word is We.
When you add Me + Me, Me becomes We. 
(Another was to write this is Me + Me = We. )
When you add Land to Me the word is MeLand.
Fill in the lines: 
MeLand is the word that defines the ____________ place within Me.  
MeLand is the word that defines the ___________place within you.
Answer for the lines is Loving
I, Eva, invite you to Come with Me to MeLand.
What we do in MeLand:
Sing or rap MeLand Music.
Love “Me”.
Love other “Me’s”.
Let every Me be free to be Me.
Love no matter what!   Forgive every Me at all times in all places.
Honor every Me.   Our friends are MePals.
Everyone plays in the Kingdom of Love.  
We are Joyful – Happy Me’s.
Your parents or teachers are going to help you make a MeLand notebook and I am giving them pages to put into your notebook.
You and your parent or teacher can also create pages for your notebook.  It is a wonderful feeling to create.
Not all the songs, raps and rounds have Do It Pages. 
This is because words in many of them give you something to do.
It would be super great if I could see your notebook as you add pages. But it seems impossible because I live in a different place than you live,
Please remember that you are Dan or Dee and because I do not know if you are a boy or a girl, I’ll just call you DanDee. 
If there are more than just you.....I’ll call you DanDee’s. 
This is MeLand Language.   The word DanDee is in the MeLand Dictionary.  Click to go to the dictionary.
I love you!  I love all my grandchildren!
I have 11 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren!
You can call me Grandma as they do.
Many children call me Grandma Eva.
Bye for now.   Grandma Eva


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