What Intentions Can Do
                  by Deepak Chopra

Some months ago I was in my office looking over a project that needed some cover art, but I knew no professional illustrators.  As soon as I had the thought, "I wonder who I can find?", The phone rang.  It was my grown daughter, Mallika, calling from India and when I mentioned my problem she immediately suggested an Irish artist named Suzanne Malcolm (not her real name).   Neither of us had any idea where she lived. 

I hung up and thought nothing more about it until that afternoon when a publisher friend called from London.  On the off chance, I asked if he knew Suzarme Malcolm but he didn't.  An hour later he found himself at a cocktail party.  When the person next to him got a call on his cellular phone, he put it to his ear and said, "Suzanne?"  My publisher friend gave in to a sudden impulse. 

"Could that possibly be Suzanne Malcolm you're talking to?" he asked.

Astonishingly, it was.  My friend asked him to have Suzanne call me.  On the same day, I had flown to Los Angeles for a scheduled lecture.  I was early, however, so I pulled my rental car over to the curb.  I had no idea exactly where I was.  Checking my messages on the cell phone, I found one from Suzanne Malcolm. 

This was good news.  I dialed the number she had left me. 

"Hello?" a woman's voice answered.  

"Suzanne," I said, introducing myself, "I was wondering whether if you could fly over from Dublin.  I think I have an art assignment for you."

"Well, actually, I'm not in Ireland.   I'm in Los Angeles."

 "Really?   Where are you staying?" I asked.  "I'm not  sure," she replied.  "Oh yes, it's 3312 Dominic." I looked outside the car window and felt a shudder pass through me.

I was parked directly in front of her house.  This example clearly goes beyond intuition.  It amounts to more than synchronicity since this wasn't just a chance encounter that turned out to be significant.  What can we call it when a string of events begins with a faint intention, only to be orchestrated across two continents, several time zones, and the random lives of four people?
The answer is creativity.  The mind field, being beyond time and space, can manipulate them for its own use.   Now the time has come when fate no longer has to be hidden from view.  This happens when a person gives up all notions of accident coincidence and random events, and instead claims responsibility for each and every incident, however trivial.  Events no longer happen "out there” but are guided by one's own intentions.

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