Circles of Life

1. We live on a circle...the earth.
2. The earth circles around the sun.
3. The moon circles around the earth.                                   
4. Nature circles ‘round and ‘round
a. Day follows night
b. Rain follows sun
c. Summer follows spring
d. Fall follows summer
e. Winter follows fall
f. Spring follows winter
g. Birds follow eggs
h. Flowers follow seeds
i. Animals give birth to animals
5. The hands on a clock go ‘round and ‘round. 
Each moment is a perfect circle.
6. Energy moves in circles. 
Electrons circle around the nucleus of the atom.
7. Routines follow routine.

a. breakfast – lunch – dinner.... sleep – awake
b. The physical body functions day 
       after day in the very same way.
heart beats, lungs breath, feet walk.
8.  Wheels, all sizes and for all purposes, are circles.
9.  All points of a circle are equal distance from the center.  
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Gratitude Activity: Circle Round and Round Dance

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