Mario Plays with the Word Me
by Mario Lorenz, Tacoma, Washington

There’s Big Me and Little ME in Me.   The two of us are in  Meland all the time.   Of course there’s all my moods, splits in personality, second thoughts and on and on.... I am not the only person in MeLand.   Other Meeeeeeeeeeeeee's are in MeLand, the Land of Love. 

..  When I think of Me and who I am, what I really notice is a if something or someone is inside me.  When I am conscious of this presence I am never alone.  It does my thinking, takes action as me, lives, breathes and has its being through me.  I am one with It.   I am always connected when I think of It.  I am connected even when I do not think of It. 
I live....therefore I am connected!  
I move therefore I am. 
I dream and I am.  I am Me.
Where  Is  Me?           Here Be  Me!  
I  Am Me!      
I am free to be Me!