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MeLand CD 3 - Index


1   Love That I Am

2   My Genealogy

3   Integrity

4  A Name with a Heart

5   I Am Like a Seed

6   Go! Go! Go!

7   Life IS Glorious

8  Energy Flow

9  In Charge of Me

10  Energy My Power

11  Dancing Me’s

12  I Did It

13  My Special Tree

14  We are Love

15   My Home Space

16   Happy Land

17   I Accept You

18   Share and Care

19   Me-We Circle

20  A MeBall

21  We Play Games

22  Always Intend

23  Appreciate Me

24  Peace


MeLand 3 - LYRICS

1  Love That I Am

On the outside of Me the ME that you see,  I can count 10 fingers, I can count ten toes. On the inside of ME, no one can see the love that I am, the love that’s you and ME.   


2  My Genealogy 

My Mom calls herself ME.  My Dad calls himself ME.  My Grandmas call themselves ME.  My Grandpas call themselves ME.  My Great Grandmas call themselves ME.  My Great Grandpas call themselves ME.  These ME’S are my family.  They’re my family tree. ME’S and ME’S and ME’S are my family tree.  It’s fun to look in a mirror and see a ME with a family tree. It’s fun to look in the mirror and see a very happy ME at the very, very top of a very, very tall, tall tree.


3  Integrity

In MeLand We care for integrity, the integrity of every ME.   Then every ME cares for the integrity of our country.  In MeLand We care for integrity, the integrity of every ME.  Then every ME cares for the integrity of every Me in the World.


4  A Name with a Heart

It’s a life.  It’s a game.  It’s a Me with a name.

Every name has a heart, doesn’t stop or start.

Hearts keeps beating, beat, beat beating.  It’s a life game.

It’s Me with a name and a heart.


5  I am Like a Seed

I’m not like a clock ticking by the hour.  I am like a seed that grows into a flower.


6  Go! Go! Go!

Me’s in a circle twirling around, then separate Me’s all over the ground.

Playing Ball with the goal to have fun, running down the field just to run.

Go----Go----Go----Go   Catch the Me Ball and give it a throw.

Go----Go----Go----Go----Go----Go----Go Catch the Me Ball and give it a throw.  Back in a circle with many Me’s making all Me’s into MeWe’s. (Speak last two lines as a rap)  


7  Life is Glorious

Chorus: Nature goes ‘round and ‘round.  The earth is a constant flow.  Look at what’s easy to see.  Life is one glorious show.

Verse::   I don’t fly like a bird, crawl like a worm, eat like a cow, buzz like a bee, but they (bird, worm, cow and bee) are all part of ME.  The birds, the cows, the bees, the clouds, the grass, the trees are Me.


8  Energy Flow   

In the wonderful place called MeLand, there is something that’s mighty grand.  We are Me’s that have energy to burn, energy to take our turn.  We’re not like cars that run out of gas.  Each part of our body constantly has full energy power to get up and go. We all need to know that we are the flow.

Verse 2:  In the wonderful place called MeLand there’s loving energy.  It’s love that is our energy

within.  Love gives us vigor and vim.  MeLand is a happy wonderland where all Me’s circle the world hand in hand, with love for Me, and you for you and Me.  Please remember that MeLand is Me.


Wake up all Me’s awake.  Now is the time we take.  Self inward to the glow, to the place we know, to the energy flow.


9  In Charge of Me

When I’m mad, I feel bad.  When I’m good, I feel glad.   Mad or glad, I am ME in charge of my territory.


10  Energy is My Power  

MeEnergy within is all the power that I need for this hour.


11  Dancing Me’s

Yes! I like music but it’s more than that.  It’s the drum.   It’s the beat of a musical cat that makes me want to laugh and shout.  As my feet go dancing all about …We dance…

Verse 2: Round and ‘round and ‘round I go.   Dancing fast and dancing slow.  Looking here and looking there….dancing Me’s everywhere…..We dance…..

Verse 3:  The music flows and so do we.   Dancing, laughing heartily.  Joyful Me’s both near and far.  That’s how it is folks.  Here we are.

Verse 4:  Wow! Our feet just don’t stand still.  We dance, we dance, we dance until……..All Me’s catch the rhythm of the beat.  Dancing, dancing till all hearts meet.…..We dance……


12  I Did It

I did.  I did it.  And I am proud of ME.  I did.  I did it.  And I am proud of ME. 


13  My Special Tree                       

Me’s are here around Me, and so are trees.  Whether short or tall, doesn’t matter at all.  For there is a tree, a special MeTree, just for ME.


14 We are Love

I know I am Me.   I am Love in the Land of Me.  I am Me, you are Me.  We are one in the Land of Me.


15  My Home Space                                      

MeLand’s like a hoola-hoop.  MeLand’s like a hoola-hoop.  Circling, a-circling, a-circling ME.  MeLand is my home space. MeLand is my home space.  Circling, a-circling, a-circling ME.


16  Happy Land                 

MeLand is a Happy Land of ME’s ‘cause we know we’re never alone.

Each day it’s like being on a phone talking with ME, the ME that’s inside ME.


17  I Accept You

I’m a ME.  You’re a ME.   We’re diff’rent ME”s in the Land of ME.  I see you.  You see ME.  I accept you.  You accept ME. And we share ‘cause we care in the Land of ME.


18  Share and Care

It’s so great.  It’s so wonderful that all that lives on earth can share and care, share and care.


19  Me – We Circle 

We are a ME – WE circle….a – circling  ‘round…. a – circling  ‘round. When we hear the beat, we move our feet.  We circle ‘round. We circle ‘round.


20  A MeBall

A MeBall…. a fun Ball…..a Love Ball to play our game.

Verse 2:  A MeBall…..a fun Ball.….a Love Ball to win our game.

Verse 3:  A MeBall…. a fun Ball…..a Love Ball to throw to you.

Verse 4:   A MeBall…. a fun Ball.….a Love Ball you throw to me.

Verse 5:   A MeBall…. a fun Ball…..a Love Ball we pass along.


21  We Play Games

As we play our games, we see ME…..the ME that’s you and Me.


22  Always Intend

Never end, always intend.  Intentions come true….right out of the blue. 


23  I Appreciate Me

We celebrate the ME’s that we are.  I celebrate ME, you celebrate ME.  We celebrate the ME’s that we are.  We honor the ME’s that we are.  I honor ME, you honor ME.  We honor the ME’s that we are.  We appreciate the ME’s that we are.  I appreciate ME, you appreciate ME.  We appreciate the ME’s that we are.


24  World Peace

It feels so good to be ME.  I am loving energy.  Just by loving ME, we live in a peaceful world.  I love you.  You love Me.  I love ME.  We love We.  Me leads to We.  We leads to ME.  We create a world of harmony.