Me Pals


    There is the word Me and the person Me.  Before we can be a MePal we have to focus upon being a person who calls himself or herself Me. 

    One day, years ago, when I was at our local library I saw a book between two book ends on the counter.  All I could see on the book was the word Me written in big letters.  Up until that time I had never thought of the value of that little word.  When I saw the Me this time, the “Love Feeling” I experienced was exciting.  (Before I continue I acknowledge you and the fact that you receive the “Love Feeling” in your unique way.  For me it is a tingly sensation that flows up and down my spine.) 

    The excitement and “Love Feeling” was the beginning of years of having fun with Me...our common name.

 Me + Me + Me = We. Turn the M upside down and Me becomes We. 

Put Me at the beginning of the word Land and we have a loving country to live in.....MeLand. 

    Just as people who live in countries like England or New Zealand speak a special language, so people who live in MeLand speak a special language.      
    One of the words we often use that is in the MeLand Dictionary (on the home page) is MePals.  That is what we call the relationship between people who live in MeLand.

    To be some ones MePal is a great honor.  It involves integrity, respect and giving to one another.  It’s playful fun to use words from the MeLand Dictionary.
 Click here to hear the song about honoring every Me

Click here to hear the song about integrity.

    How would you define the word  MeBall? Two songs tell you about it. I created #29 CD 2 for older kids and #20 CD 3 for younger kids.

    We ride in our own awareness in a MeCar.  Song words say: “We are not like cars that run out of gas.  Our body constantly has Me energy to burn”.  CD3 # 8  There are 3 verses and the chorus.

    Now it is time to end the MePal section but before we do let’s affirm that we are Me’s..... CD1 #22

MePals Classroom

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