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Teacher's Instructions:

MeLand Music Opens the Door to MeLand.

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MeLand Music makes MeLand come alive!

Every song, rap and round awakens awareness!

The songs are easy to learn and fun to know.
When you learn a song you learn the lesson. 

  Scroll Down for the instructions


1. Recommendations for the age appropriateness of different songs Click here

2. The wheel described Click here

3. Notebooks for Do It pages Click here

4. Supplies needed Click here

5. Affirmations Click here

6. Testimonials that describe the success of others using these materials.They may give you some ideas Click here



 The words and melodies of CD 1 are for Kids of all ages. The words and melodies on CD 2 and 3 are for older children.  There is an exception: 12 of the songs on CD 3 are the same songs that are on CD 2 cut short for younger kids.  Click here for a list of songs.  The songs on the left are for older children. The songs on the right are for younger children.
     CD 3 contains songs, raps, rounds and Beat Dances for Older children. Click here for the Beat Dance index.


     A wheel can be a wheel because it has a Hub.  The Hub of the MeLand Wheel is LOVE.  Life can be Life because the Hub is Love.

     Eight Spokes of the MeLand Wheel are aspects that we experience daily:  We IDENTIFY ourselves in our SPACE.  We make CHOICES according to our PERCEPTION.  We live with our FEELINGS.  Our CONNECTION to our Creator within us gives us Energy.   The GRATITUDE Spoke takes us away from our outer doing self to the quiet silent place within where we can appreciate who and what we are to the fullest extent.   Note:  We call it Circle Time when a group join together, in MeLand classes, to be quiet and focused upon inner love.

     The Circumference of the MeLand Wheel holds the Hub and the Spokes in a harmonious Circle of JOY and PEACE.   

     The Circumference of the MeLand Wheel is a Visual that reminds us that we abide in the Circle of Life.  Click here to read about Circles.

     You will find that all the words on the MeLand Wheel are listed below the Wheel.  When you click on one of these words a box will appear with a Special Visual.  Just as a hammer helps you remember it pounds a nail, the Special Visuals in the boxes help you remember what each aspect of your life does for you. Under the Special Visual, there are links to Directions.



     Print the directions for MeLand notebooks.  Children and teens will like the pages you give them.  It is a way they learn important lessons alone .... no teacher help.  

For five years I experienced Meland in all grades, kindergarten through 8th grade. The principal of the school where I taught gave me 45 minutes with each class.  Part of that time the children or teens worked on notebooks and the other part we (teacher, children or teens) had fun doing MeLand Activities.

Parents and Teachers:  Many directions are written in the songs, raps, and rounds. Follow these directions.

     I plan to keep adding directions but I invite you to add directions.  What you add are yours. They show the special, unique person you are.  MeLand teachers testify that they are inspired to create Directions.


     For each child, a 3 ring binder for the Directions.  To make it easy to travel from one section to another, put index tabs in the notebooks.

     You will need: pens, (colored and black), crayons or colored pencils, a ruler, circle stencil, glue sticks or white glue, two MeBalls (soft and hard), a Me Stone, poster boards, a dry erase board with markers and eraser, and a round pillow for Circle Time.


It feels good to follow the directions and then enjoy Group Activity. Teachers: When the subject matter gets intense, take time out and beat the drums.

Affirmations are mighty important.  Affirmations are intentions. 
1) Affirmations and Intentions come true. 
2) Affirmations are a way to correct behavior.
3) of all....itís fun to beat drums and recite affirmations.  



The testimonials with the Spokes give you background of what others experienced when MeLand concepts were used.
Link to a complete list of testimonials.

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Choices Identity Energy Space Feelings Gratitude Perception Connection Love wheel

Click on the words below for the lessons.

  [ Identity ] [ Space ] [ Gratitude ][ Perception ]
[ Choices ][ Energy ] [ Feelings ]  [ Connection ]
 [ Love ] [Joy]  [Peace]

Click here to find a lesson to teach
Click here to read the Teacher's instructions. 
Click here to find the Rhythm Chart & Affirmations

Children Read: DanDee: A Nickname for Children

Listen to a MeLand Song
CD1 #7
"The Love That I Am"

return to MeLand is a Way to Peace

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