What I perceive is what I get


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Page 1 Whatever can be Perceived Can be Achieved

Page 2 MeLand Perception


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  15 Me+Me=The World (Rap)    13  I know (Rap)
  15  Stars
  21  It’s Great to Awake
  28  Perception (Rap)
21  We Play  Games

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Lyrics Below


Me + Me = The World (rap)

I’m a Me, you’re a Me, in a world of energy. 
When you know you’re a Me, and I know I’m a Me,
we are one and free to be….one with the world forever free. 
We are one and free to be….one with the world, forever free.

 I Know Rap

I know I know I know I know I know   Repeat

 We Play Games

As we play our games, we see ME…..the ME that’s you and Me.



In the sky I see many stars at night.  Some are small.  Some are big.  On my stage each day I am a star.  I act the play of life.   Do I choose to be a little star or a star that’s big and bright?  It doesn’t matter if I’m big or small.  I’m a shining star.   I shine bright ‘cause I know I’m free, free unlimited ME.  I remember who I am in the Land of ME.  Other ME’s join in being free.   They know who they are.  We play roles in the drama of life.  Each one is a star.  It doesn’t matter what color we are.  It doesn’t matter the creed.   What counts is that we see the “ME,” the “ME” that’s you and ME.  We remember who we are in the Land of ME. 


 It’s Great to Awake

It’s great to awake, to spend time and take, a really good look at life.  You’ll find it in a book, in a science book.  There’s a secret there about life.  It’s one life I share.  I breathe the same air with all that lives on earth.  From the wind in the trees, to an ocean breeze, it’s the air that’s inside ME.  It’s great to heed, plants give ME my need. I need oxygen to breathe.  From daylight to night, from night to daylight, I inhale plant’s oxygen.  Oh my, what a tale.  I then exhale and out comes carbon dioxide.  I now want to shout that when I breathe out, I give plants what they need.  The news is mighty hot.  It’s a really big plot to keep all of life alive.  So let’s keep on breathing and sharing and creating the continuous circle of life.


 Perception Rap 

Look through a tube and what do I see?  You at the other end – this end ME.  Days come – days go.  Daily perception changes the flow.  We’re all ME’s everyday.  We see things in a different way.  It matters not the day or the year.  It’s now that we hold near and dear.  We’re all ME’s  - that’s who we are living everywhere, near and far.  In our Land – the great Land of ME, it’s easy to find harmony.   Loving you and loving ME, each lets the other free to be free.