Peace begins with Me


MeLand Music builds character with love.
There is only one place to feel love
and that is within Me.

Let's focus upon Me!

I call Myself Me. You call yourself Me.

Me + Me + Me = We.

It's so wonderful!

All over the world we experience "Me" every hour of every day.


All over the world we experience THE LOVE THAT WE ARE every hour of every day.

Play the game of life with Eva and stop war.

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The picture of the world with the face helps me remember that Peace begins with me.

Do It pages and Activities for the Peace Spoke

Page 1: I am precious

Page 2: How We Create World Peace


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Lyrics below

I Know

I know I live in the land of Me. 
I know I’m precious as can be. 
I know I am in love with me.
I know what I am all Me’s can be.

World Peace

It feels so good to be ME.  I am loving energy.  Just by loving ME, we live in a peaceful world.  I love you.  You love Me.  I love ME.  We love We.  Me leads to We.  We leads to ME.  We create a world of harmony.