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 Eva Says: Come with us to MeLand where:

1. We  Play in the Kingdom of Love.
   The Disneyland Kingdom is a place on the map.
    Our Kingdom of Love is everywhere we are.

Click to see Nature’s Kingdom of Love.
2. We Sing to Learn and We Learn to Sing.
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3. We Celebrate Me. Click here.

4. We Fly the Meland Flag.

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 MeLand Flags.


Michaela's Experience


Recommended Reading

"Power of Intention" by Deepak Chopra

Children Learn What They Live
by Dorothy Law Nolte

Open Your Heart and Mind and Imagine by John Randolph Price



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More We Than Me
Subtitle: on being one with self and others


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 Experience a Peaceful World with the word MeLand.

"Eva’s music is a Joyous inspiration,
and I certainly recommend MeLand,
the Land of Love."

--John Randolph Price
Eva invites you to use the word MeLand.

  Circles of Love
People call themselves:
Me + Me = We
Me + Land = MeLand

Home defines where we live.  Food defines what we eat. 
MeLand defines the Love that we are.

We MeLand people invite you to immediately
start using the word Meland to define
the Love that you are.

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Be Happy - Sing MeLand Songs

The MeLand Wheel Presents the Lessons

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How to teach a lesson, click on the Wheel and scroll down

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Important Note:
In every part of this web click on any underlined song to hear it.

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Eva Thayer
Learn more about MeLand:

Eva invites you to
 MeLand, the Land of Love,
Joy and Peace

Eva Thayer lived a wonderful life.
She died on May 22, 2013 at age 98.

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You can download a PDF file of the MeLand song book free
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Or, if you prefer, you can purchase printed copies of the Celebrate MeLand song book

Read and download Eva's book More We Than Me

It can be read in 10 minutes, and it takes a lifetime to live it.

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